God’s Mission – Our Mission – Your Mission

We have a Missional God, who is always at work in the world, reaching out to all by His Spirit, through his Body, the Church, which He calls to be salt and light for Him.

'Church' is more than than what we do on Sunday mornings.  It's who we are and what we are called to be: celebrating and sharing the Good News of Jesus in Word and Action. 

We are here to help however we can.

If you need a facilitator to assist in developing your vision and your Mission Action Plan, the Venerable Richard King, Archdeacon for Mission and Discipleship will be glad to be of service. He consults with individual clergy as requested, and will attend your Vestry meetings, working with the Vestry over time to develop a Vision, and from that a Mission Action Plan that reflects the gifts and calling of your church family. He can also preach at your church on Sundays or at other events, too. You can contact Richard at 587-589-6053 or at richard@sjechurch.ca 

If you want to think through taking the mission of the Church outside our walls Nick Trussell runs Mission Day. This is a one day workshop that explores what God’s Mission is and how we as individuals and Christian communities can be part of it right where we are. You can contact Nick at n.trussell@edmonton.anglican.ca

Here are some notes from some previous Mission Days: