‘ID’ is a framework for missional discipleship. At the heart of it is the discipling model that we see Jesus use in Luke 7-10. Jesus uses mission to catalyse discipleship in those chapters. ID seeks to apply that in our parishes, combining it with all we know about church growth and our cultural context. It also focuses on the fivefold ministry functions found in Ephesians 4:11-16 and the wonderful portrait of a church family being made up of different people who have been given distinct gifts by the Holy Spirit for the ‘common good’ and the building up of everyone together.  

At the time of this update, ID has come to 8 parishes in the diocese. With each one, the "ID Team" has learned more about what churches are looking for and how each will take this material on in different ways.

When the ID Team holds an Introductory Day at a parish, it includes the following elements:  

  • A covenant liturgy initiated by Bishop Jane inviting us all to journey together into a deeper, more fruitful missional discipleship.
  • A ‘Get To Know You’ fun exercise.
  • An introduction to two tools for growth and some of the thinking behind them.
  • An opportunity to say how your parish would like to move forward with these tools.

Follow up sessions are offered, and often there will be a chance to mentor leadership. We're finding that churches apply what they learn from the ID framework to anything from a Mission Action Plan to a Parish Profile. I emphasize this is a ‘framework’ and not a ‘program.’ The difference is that a framework will work out differently for each church family, for each one is unique. We call it a framework because it is clearly defined but flexible for each parish to develop according to its needs. 

Many of us do not even believe we are gifted by God, much less know how. The ID framework will help us all get to know ourselves and the gifts that God has given within our parishes. 

It’s exciting and I’ll keep you posted!    

With every blessing.