"Our faith is always to be in motion rather than static, and no one goes alone on their spiritual journey; we are to travel together with others at every step."

Soon after his consecration, Bishop Stephen London appointed Canon Scott Sharman as Canon to the Ordinary for the Diocese of Edmonton. As Scott explains, "this mouthful of a title actually means something quite simple. Here ordinary is just another title for the bishop (from the Latin ordinarius), and a canon (from the Greek kanonikos) is someone who is particularly related and bound to someone or something else. A Canon to the Ordinary, therefore, is just a close walking companion of the bishop as they seek to go together on the way. 

Each month over the coming year, Scott will visit a different parish on a Sunday morning to share in worship and prayer with the community by reflecting on what the Scripture readings have to tell us about our vocation as fellow members and leaders of the Church of God in Edmonton. These homilies will also be shared on the diocesan website so that others can engage with them as they wish. 

"These are uncertain times around us, and it seems both the world we live in and the church within it are on the brink of some even more significant challenges and change. But we know that God has long promised to make a way for God’s people, even in the wilderness and desert (Isaiah 43:16-21), and even where there are obstacles, twists, and turns (Luke 3:1-6). Let us keep attentive to see those new paths opening up before us by the Spirit, even if they call us to unfamiliar and unexpected things. And may we have the courage to always walk on the road together, each carrying our part, with as many traveling companions as we can as we go."