Creating a “Form of Memorandum” of qualifications for the next Bishop of Edmonton  

All candidates in an episcopal election must meet the five qualifications set out in the constitution of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land. It must be shown that he or she:

(a)  is of the full age of thirty years;
(b)  is a priest or bishop in Holy Orders of The Anglican Church of Canada, or of a church in full communion therewith;
(c)  is faithful in the doctrines and discipline of The Anglican Church of Canada as determined and defined by the official formularies of that church;
(d)  is known and recognized within that person's community as being a person of integrity and moral stature; and
(e)  has those qualities and abilities of leadership, experience and learning that will enable that person to fulfil the duties of a chief pastor in the Church of God.

The first major part of the Search Committee’s job is to create a second set of "local requirements" based on input from across the diocese. The Search Committee uses this second set of requirements as well as the first when assessing people whose names have been put forward.

There are no limitations on the nature of the requirements the Search Committee may adopt. The “form of memorandum” which the Search Committee must prepare is entirely up to the Committee. The idea is that they will carefully consider the situation of the diocese and the specific qualities that they believe are required for our bishop in this time and place. They must make very clear the criteria they will use to assess proposed nominees.

This memorandum goes first to the Administrator (Dean Alex Meek) no later than April 22, 2021.    

The memorandum will ultimately be sent to Members of Synod (clergy and laity from each parish who will be delegates to the electoral synod), to members of the Provincial House of Bishops with the expectation that the House of Bishops may also make proposals for nominations, and to anyone else the Search Committee wishes to contact to get proposals for nominations.