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Are you longing for an ancient and powerful practice to explore spiritual growth and transformation? Dreams are one of the fastest ways to connect to the soul and experience human wholeness, which brings freedom, spaciousness and meaning to our often distracted lives. This workshop, presented by Kathy Sperling on Saturday, September 21, 9 am-3 pm, at St. George's Centre for Wellness and Learning, is designed to teach you strategies to discover the meanings of your dreams through a method of working with dreams in a group setting.

To register, cost is $75, contact All are welcome, even those who do not remember their dreams; prior knowledge is helpful but not necessary.

Kathy Sperling is a spiritual director, musician, writer and facilitator. She is a graduate of the Haden Institute Dream Training Program in North Carolina, and the Presence Spiritual Direction Program in Edmonton. She enjoys helping groups and individuals explore the mys- tery, wonder and wisdom dream life offers, as it is such a rich source of inner guidance and freedom in her life. She is also Spiritual Di- rector at the St George’s Center for Wellness & Learning in Edmonton, AB, as well as a Music Director at both St George’s and St Faith’s Anglican Churches, also in Edmonton, where she sings and plays piano and cello. In everything she does, she is a wisdom seeker, a listener for truth and a lover of wholehearted living. POSTER