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This workshop will be led by Father Michael Lapsley a South African Anglican priest and social justice advocate. After he lost both hands and an eye in a letter bomb attack in Zimbabwe in 1990, he developed the Healing of Memories Workshop to run in parallel to South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (1996-1997), creating a platform for those who wished to share their experiences and be heard compassionately. Over the following two years, workshops were offered through the length and breadth of the country, and in 1998 the Institute for Healing of Memories was born.

Today, the Institute offers workshops and training to diverse groups of people all over the world, offering a venue to explore how scars of the past continue to shape our lives, attitudes and choices. This workshop would be of interest to those working in social justice, counselling, and advocacy fields; those interested in bringing healing to their own lives in a supportive environment; and those planning to pursue further facilitator training with the Institute.

Conference registration fee of $275 includes meals, accommodations & conference materials. Register on Eventbrite For more info, email: [email protected] / POSTER