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In 2018, the Edmonton diocese began raising funds through parish coffee collections for women and children in need of medical care to purchase medical cards in our companion Diocese of Buyé. 

Last year, a total of $6,600 was raised by parishes, enabling 1,320 women to purchase $5-medical cards which cover 80 per cent of their medical costs for one year. Access to healthcare is otherwise out of reach for most people living in Burundi. 

Throughout the month of September, parishes are again encouraged to set out a separate collection basket dedicated to this fundraiser. With your help, people in Buyé will have access to the medical coverage they require but often can’t afford.  

The Rev. John Gee, our diocesan treasurer at the synod office, sends 100% of the donations collected from all parishes directly to the Diocese of Buyé. There are no administrative fees.  

Please use the attached documents to help promote this campaign in your parish.