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Have you lost a loved one to: Death? Divorce? Estrangement? Addiction? Have you experienced: Financial losses? Job losses? Health losses? Are you looking for a safe space to make peace with your broken pieces?

St. George’s Anglican Church in Devon will be hosting "A Sorrow Shared: Grieving Together Through Life’s Challenges" in September. This holistic, 6-week program is designed to provide:

  • A safe and welcoming space for all.
  • A support opportunity that examines life after loss.
  • Freedom to explore a variety of tools for self-discovery and personal growth.

There is life before the loss—and life after the loss. How can we make sense of our new reality?

We are beginning to take registrations for this free program. To register, please email, or phone the Rev. Lisa Wojna, MTS, CSHP, CT, at 780-860-0313.