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The Council of General Synod (CoGS) has concluded its March 14-17 meetings. One of several outcomes of the CoGS meeting was a Word to the Church. CoGS has prepared this document in preparation for the vote on Marriage Canon XXI to be taken when General Synod meets in July. It includes a history of the discussions in the Anglican Church of Canada around same-sex relationships. It also includes a series of five affirmations. Regardless the outcome of July's vote, CoGS is asking General Synod and the whole church to take to heart these affirmations regarding Indigenous spiritual self-determination, a recognition of the diversity of understandings and teachings on these issues as well as the diversity of understandings of the existing canon, our ongoing commitment to presume good faith among all, and our commitment as a church to stand together.

All the motions considered by CoGS are available on the Anglican Church of Canada website.