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To our delight, the Synod Office was recently contacted by the great, great granddaughters of the Rev. Canon William Newton. Victoria Flewell and Dale Stewart sent us an original copy of Canon Newton’s book, Twenty Years on the Saskatchewan, which he wrote about his experience as the first known Anglican missionary to the Edmonton area. Canon Newton built his first church, a home and a hospital in the river valley - an area he called the Hermitage, now the site of Hermitage Park in northeast Edmonton (Clareview Road and 129th Avenue). He founded the Parish of All Saints’, in 1875; as well as the Christ Church cemetery and parish at Poplar Lake, cared for today by the parish of Good Shepherd.

The book, published in 1897, has been professionally restored and will be available for viewing in the Diocese of Edmonton collection at the Provincial Archives, 8555 Roper Rd NW, Edmonton. You can read more about Canon Newton’s story on the RETROactive blog.