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On July 3-17, 2024, Bishop Steve will be visiting the Diocese of Buyé in Burundi, Africa. This will be an active itinerary with visits to over 10 different communities filled with multiple confirmation services, hospital visits, and even a visit to a community with an ongoing tree-planting project. Additionally, the Bishop will be helping to distribute medical cards in different communities. He will also visit a water spring built in the last few years. Both projects were supported by donations from people in the Diocese of Edmonton.

Burundi is a small heart-shaped country of 27,835 square kilometers, with a population of more than 8 million people. Rwanda borders it in the north, the Democratic Republic of Congo in the northwest, and the United Republic of Tanzania in the south and northeast.

The Diocese of Buyé is the oldest of the six dioceses that form the Anglican Church of Burundi and was formed in June 1965. The Diocese of Buyé has 28 parishes and four archdeaconries. From 1993 to 2006, civil war between three ethnic groups ravaged villages, destroying Burundi's infrastructure system and displacing thousands of people and the Diocese of Buyé was not spared the consequences of that terrible war. Churches were looted and destroyed and many Anglican members and some of the clergy were cruelly assassinated. Anglicans in the Diocese of Buyé, under the leadership of Archbishop Sixbert Macumi, encourage the process of healing and reconciliation in their country.

The partnership between the Diocese of Edmonton and the Diocese of Buyé dates from 2008 when Bishop Jane Alexander met Archbishop Sixbert Macumi at the Lambeth Conference. Over the years since then, the relationship has continued to flourish as each diocese discovers the unique gifts and strengths of the other. The goal of our partnership is to “grow in mutual affection and communion, seek a more profound experience of truth, build up the Church in unity, and give glory to Jesus Christ our Saviour.” As partners, we have each travelled to our partner diocese, we have collaborated on humanitarian efforts, and we have faithfully been upholding each other in prayer.