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Updated November 7, 2023

Bishop Stephen London is pleased to appoint Mr. Jeffrey Hanger, of St. Mary's, Ponoka, as PWRDF Representative for the Edmonton diocese.

Hanger is married to Treena, parish secretary, and they and their children have been members of St. Mary’s for about 17 years.

“The charity offers an incredible response to long-term development, immediate aid, and responses to issues here in Canada,” says Hanger who has been the St. Mary’s PWRDF rep for the last 5 years.

As diocesan rep, he hopes to “support the wonderful parish reps in their role. I have always received a lot of support from the national PWRDF staff and volunteers when I put on fundraising/awareness events,” he says.

In addition to working with partners in Canada, PWRDF partners with relief agencies around the world. “This gives it a strength and depth that other agencies may not be able to reach,” he says. “PWRDF is still working in Ukraine and Gaza for example.”

He adds, "The work of PWRDF offers great insights into immediate and long-term challenges faced by the developing world. I hope I can shed some light on this great work.”

As the diocesan rep, Hanger is available to “discuss the work of PWRDF and find answers to difficult (and easy) questions.

“The PWRDF can’t continue this work without the support of the churches and parishioners, both on long-term projects and where need is immediate.

“This is our opportunity to support communities around the world, from the comfort of our pew. And I hope to be able to support the parish reps in that role,” he says.

If you are a parish rep for the PWRDF, Jeffrey Hanger would love to hear from you. He can be reached by email.