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Diocesan Executive Archdeacons/Officers from across Canada met from 19-21 November in Edmonton. The meeting was held jointly with the diocesan Finance Officers on the 19th and separately for the rest of the time. 20 dioceses (Algoma, Arctic, Brandon, Calgary, Central Newfoundland, Edmonton, Fredericton, Huron, Kootenay, Montreal, Moosonee, New Westminster, Niagara, Nova Scotia and PEI, Ontario, Ottawa, Qu’Appelle, Toronto, Western Newfoundland , and Yukon) were represented, along with the Military Ordinariate. Archdeacon Michael Thompson, General Secretary of the General Synod, also participated.

The group has gathered annually for a few years to discuss matters of diocesan governance, of the relationship between dioceses and the General Synod, and for mutual support and education. Topics this year included Safe Church implementation, ACPO (Advisory Committee on Postulants for Ordination), General Synod finances, and General Synod governance and structure.