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Congratulations to the Ven. Rachael Parker who was chosen as Bishop-elect of the Diocese of Brandon on Saturday, November 25. Parker currently serves as rector of Dayspring Ministries which includes the parishes of St. Saviour’s, Vermilion; St. Mary’s, Edgerton; St. Thomas’, Wainwright. She is also Archdeacon for Rural Ministry in the Diocese of Edmonton. As Bishop Stephen London commented on Facebook: “…Yes, this is a loss for the Diocese of Edmonton, but what a great gain for the greater church of Jesus Christ. I am so happy.” Our prayers are with Rachael, her husband Rob, Dayspring Ministries and the Brandon diocese during this transitional time. Parker shares her thoughts on “Church @ Home with Rachael,” one of the YouTube vlogs she began during the COVID pandemic. Watch “Brandon, Ho! A New Beginning and Thanksgivings”: