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Do you have questions about your faith? Education for Ministry (EfM) was developed by the School of Theology in Sewanee, Tennessee to provide a mechanism for people to work through their questions. This four-year course of study provides the framework, through reading and discussion (no exams), to connect your faith to your daily life:

  • Year One is a study/discussion of the Hebrew Scriptures;
  • Year Two is a study/discussion of the Christian Testament;
  • Year Three is the history of the Christian Church;
  • Year Four is spent dealing more specifically with various theological views and helping each student discern their personal theology as revealed by study, reflection, and prayer. 

Group members and trained mentors will meet via Zoom once a week, September through May, to for an opportunity to articulate their faith and shape it into action. 

For detailed information about the program and to register for the fall session, go to the EfM Canada website at Please email local mentor June Miller for more information. BROCHURE