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Good Shepherd Anglican Church in north Edmonton held its monthly Anti-Racism Book Club on Monday evening. The Ven. Jordan Ware reports 14 people present on the Zoom call, the fifth and largest meeting held so far. 

The book up for discussion this month was The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King. Regular book club participant Bella Asiri, says it touched on profound themes. “Just like the author is tackling dark and painful history between indigenous and whites in North America, some participants recalled historical events that happened or life experiences with a deep understanding or better grip from an indigenous person perspective. Also, the participants shared how timely the book was to educate them on what the media has failed to do or better yet to help them unlearn the 'myths and lies' that the mainstream media has taught them. Lastly, most participants were 'hopeful' about the future relations between the indigenous and non-indigenous peoples of North America.”  

The next Anti-Racism Book Club will be held March 29th. The book up for discussion is Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad.