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Updated Feb 11

In light of news headlines regarding GraceLife Church in Parkland County, where leaders and members have defied COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the Province, we share once again this message from a group of Edmonton and area spiritual leaders reiterating our commitment to putting safety first.

Bishop Jane Alexander is one of more than 25 faith leaders in Alberta who has signed an Ecumenical-Interfaith COVID-19 Statement, first released on December 3, 2020. These leaders continue stand in solidarity with a plea to citizens and governments to: “commit to carrying the burdens of one another, and to leaving no one behind.”

“It has already been a long season of uncertainty, fear, suffering, and loss," the statement reads, "and it is not over yet. We must make an even more intentional effort to preserve social cohesion and concern for the common good. We are not alone, and we cannot and do not face this trial alone.” 

Please find the statement in full, attached here in pdf form and please feel free to share it.

Canon Scott Sharman, ecumenical and interfaith coordinator for our diocese, has been interviewed by local media this week. Listen to and view those stories below:

image by Gerd Altman