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Leaders of the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) and the Evangelical Church in Canada (ELCiC) have once again appealed to the the leader of Canada to "call for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, and for the opening of a humanitarian corridor to allow potable water, food, medical care and more to reach the people of Gaza."

In a letter dated November 17, 2023, ACC Primate Linda Nicholls and ELCiC National Bishop Susan Johnson thank Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau for "evacuating Canadian citizens to safety."

However, as they point out, "Much has happened in the weeks since our last letter (October 18, 2023). The siege of Gaza has worsened, resulting in the deaths of more than 11,400 Gazans, including 4,700 children. All hospitals in Gaza City are now closed, as hundreds of thousands of people require medical care. More than one million Palestinians have now been forcibly displaced into smaller and smaller areas in southern Gaza, where humanitarian aid remains at critically low levels. Israeli settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank has increased dramatically, and East Jerusalamites live in fear and danger of racist attacks, including assaults upon Christians and Church leaders...

"Why is there no room in Canada’s contribution toward ending this conflict and responding fully to the needs for humanitarian aid to recognize both Hamas’ egregious actions and the decades of Israel’s illegal and violent military occupation of Palestinian Territories in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem?"

In closing, they pray "for an immediate ceasefire, for a release of hostages, and an end to Israel’s occupation of all Palestinian Territories. We pray for those in authority that their decisions and actions bear the fruit of peace, justice and sanctity of all life for Palestinians and Israelis. We pray for our Christian partners in the Land of the Holy One, and their Muslim and Jewish neighbours who inspire the world with their steadfast hope and faithfulness."