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In an email message to diocesan treasurer the Rev. John Gee, the Rev. Dominique Ciza, Buyé diocesan secretary, sends Christmas greetings and an update from our companion diocese.

“I hope this finds you well,” he said. “In the Diocese of Buyé we are all well and preparing to celebrate the Christmas Day.”

“This last Sunday I was in the hospital of Buyé and I was very pleased to see the impact of the new pediatric ward,” he said, observing that the children seemed comfortable and their mothers very grateful for the treatment they are receiving. He said the new space has enabled patients to have their own beds, thereby greatly reducing the spread of infectious disease.

“I was very glad and we prayed together. Please find some pictures I took,” he said.

“I would like also to tell you that Kiziba water spring is positively impacting the lives of people of its surroundings, especially children, with a significant number of people suffering from waterborne diseases.

“Administrative and health authorities are requesting the church to build other springs for other communities. This request is mainly from 9 counties of Ngozi and Kirundo provinces,” Ciza said.

“For this matter, I would like to ask you whether we could plan to implement such project for other communities in 2019?”

In Buyé hospital where funding assistance from the Edmonton diocese helped expand the pediatric ward, Ciza said there is also great need for more space to assess and treat patients suffering from illness or in need of emergency medical care.

Currently, there are two small rooms (one for men, the other for women), built by missionaries in the late 1930s. There are often as many as 20 patients crowded in each room built to accommodate 10 people. It is sometimes necessary for men and women to share a room, which is uncomfortable for the patients.

“As you pray, please do remember these challenges. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas Day and New Year of 2019. Best regards, Rev. Dominique Ciza, Diocese of Buyé.”

To support healthcare initiatives in Buyé diocese, please send donations to the Diocese of Edmonton, c/o the Rev. John Gee: . If you are sending a cheque, please mark “Buye Diocese” in the memo line.

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