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The Diocese of Edmonton is offering the Revive Discipleship Program (at no cost to participants), both in-person at St. Matthias, Edmonton; and online, beginning on April 9 and 11, 2024. 

The diocesan courses will be led by a team of diocesan Revive Animators, including the Rev. Canon Dr. Scott Sharman, Canon to the Ordinary; the Rev. Madeleine Urion, St. George’s, Edmonton; the Rev. Andreas Sigrist, St. Matthias, Edmonton; the Rev. Stephanie London, St. Columba, Beaumont.

The animators have been working through the program and their experience has been “great so far,” says Sharman. “The content is very engaging and thought-provoking. It moves you at the level of the head, the heart, and the spirit all at the same time. The videos are really well done, and the activities and discussion questions are excellent.”

  • Communicating with God
  • Engaging with Scripture
  • Called for Ministry

The Revive program curriculum and videos are now available for parishes and ministry groups in the Edmonton diocese. Revive is a discipleship program offered in gratitude to active church members to help them grow in confidence as spiritual leaders.

Revive is one of many tools the Edmonton diocese will use as we Find Our Way forward together as Gospel people in the 21st century. Revive reflects our belief that all who are baptised are called to share in the mission of God through their unique ministries. A Calling for All, the second of the Edmonton diocese's Five Primary Principles, sees an empowered laity serving as equals alongside a collaborative and team-oriented clergy.

To learn how your parish group can begin using these materials now, contact the Synod Office:; 780-439-7344.