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Thank you to everyone who has supported the Diocesan Children's Choir by making an online donation through the Anglican Foundation of Canada Say Yes! to Kids campaign. We have extended our fundraising campaign to see if we can reach our goal. Please consider making a donation here

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.” (Anonymous)

In its inaugural season, The Anglican Diocese of Edmonton Children’s Choir, directed by conductor Laura Hawley, and supported by a 2021 Say Yes! To Kids grant from the Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC), became a burgeoning music ministry for children and youth in grade 2 and up. This free, inclusive choir gives kids the chance to grow in faith and musicianship. 

"My seven-year-old Cora was so excited for choir each week. Choir helped cement existing friendships and create new ones -- when we visited another church in the diocese, she happily pointed out her "buddy" from choir! These kid-to-kid connections are so valuable to keeping her engaged with church." - Jamie Hurlburt

"Our two sons, Benoît and Étienne, aged 12 and 8, were very proud members of the 2022-23 Edmonton Diocesan Children's Choir. Neither boy had had any previous choral experience, and the diocesan choir was a wonderful opportunity for them to learn about music, adhere to a regular practice schedule, and interact with other Anglican children from the diocese. In addition to the great amount of musical/choral knowledge gleaned over the course of the year, the choir was a great boon to the boys' self-confidence and sense of belonging. In thanksgiving to God for the wonderful opportunity!" - The Rev. Armand Mercier and Carol Anne Mercier

“We have an eight-year-old and a sixteen-year-old. The very fact that both were enthusiastic about attending weekly rehearsals was itself a great encouragement. Hearing them at home and in the car singing such beautiful music created wonderful memories. But their experiences visiting other parishes in the diocese and the welcome they received was the best.” – Dr. Stephen Martin and the Ven. Susan Oliver

At present upwards of 15 young choristers from parishes across the diocese share their enthusiasm and vocal talents during worship services and liturgical events. As choir members enrich our worship with their voices, they learn musicianship, leadership and perseverance. The choir is planting seeds for a long-term Anglican community by creating a space where young people build relationships in a fun, welcoming environment.

We invite you and your church community to give to the Say Yes! to Kids campaign and help make our diocesan children’s choir a sustainable part of our worship life in the Diocese of Edmonton. 

To help us spread the word, please include this link (, the attached graphic and a brief description of the Say Yes! to Kids fundraising campaign for the Diocesan Children’s Choir in your church bulletins, and share on social media. Watch for FB, Twitter and Instagram posts by @DioEdm.