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Who is eligible for funding through the Anglican Foudation of Canada "Say Yes! to Kids" campaign? Any parish in Canada with a vision for ministry and outreach to young people.  

When? Apply now and campaign alongside your peers nationwide from April 1 to June 30.  

Why? Raise the funds you need to bring your church’s vision for youth ministry to life. Receive fundraising and communications mentorship from AFC’s experienced team. Reconnect with families in your community by raising awareness about your youth programs. Benefit from an AFC-led effort to secure leadership donations, including matching gifts!  

How much? Each team establishes its own fundraising goal. Salaries, equipment costs, and capital improvements can be included in your case for support. 

I’m interested. What’s next? Visit and register for an upcoming webinar. Download our campaign FAQs sheet

Join the movement and help our church grow a brighter future for young people, today.  

Michelle Hauser Development & Communications Consultant
Anglican Foundation of Canada