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The Bishop of Edmonton invites applications for the position of rector of St. Margaret’s in Edmonton.

Located in southwest Edmonton, the parish of St. Margaret’s is a supportive, community-focused church. They value engaging worship, spiritual growth and a strong sense of community. They prioritise involvement, outreach and pastoral care; reflecting their commitment to serving their members and the wider community.

The qualities of the rector they seek include:

  • Welcoming, spiritually grounded and inclusive: congregants value a rector who is approachable, listens attentively to their needs and desires and demonstrates genuine care and support for all parish members, regardless of age or background. A strong emphasis on pastoral care is important.
  • Strong spiritual leader: faith development at all ages and stages of life is a parish value. They are looking for someone who delivers engaging sermons and is adept at teaching the Gospel. One of the areas they are looking to prioritise is discipleship.
  • Forward-looking: a vision for church growth, community engagement, and collaborative leadership are essential qualities they seek in a rector.

The ideal candidate will prioritise pastoral care, faith development and engagement with youth, and lead by example to foster a culture of inclusivity and growth.

Overall, congregants seek a rector who will find joy and fulfilment in the role, bring positive energy and enthusiasm to the community and work collaboratively to nurture spiritual growth and fellowship within the St. Margaret's family.

For the full parish profile and information on how to submit a complete application, please contact: Sarah Kemp, Assistant to the Bishop,

Closing date: July 12, 2024