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St. Margaret's, Edmonton authors, the Rev. Tim Chesterton and Norma Gutteridge, recently published paperback novels on Amazon.

Chesterton's books, The Road to Meadowvale and Seasons in Meadowvale, tell the backstory of A Time to Mend, Chesterton’s first published novel. The Meadowvale series unfolds in small-town Saskatchewan in the mid-1980s. The story of the marriage of Tom and Kelly Masefield explores themes of communication, reconciliation, compassion and belonging. You can read a free preview of The Road to Meadowvale on Tim's website or read more about the author on Amazon. To purchase a book in Edmonton, email Tim at

Parishioner Norma Gutteridge, retired University of Alberta Press publisher and co-founder, has set her novels, All Change and A World Remade, in a rural Suffolk village in 1920's England. She explores the interactions between peasant farmers and servants, English aristocracy and rural clergy. Norma also has a limited supply of her books available for pick-up in Edmonton. Send her an email to reserve your copy.

Watch upcoming issues of The Messenger for feature stories on authors Tim Chesterton and Norma Gutteridge.