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The Rev. Stephanie London, rector of St. Columba, Beaumont, has been appointed Chair of the national Faith, Worship and Ministry (FWM) Coordinating Committee. 

London says the activity of FWM, which began from the melding of several national offices, is diverse in scope and eclectic. Its broad focus, however, is to provide support for the church in its prayer, theological reflection, resources, and ministry, both within the Anglican Church of Canada and with our partners from other organisations.

“FWM attends to matters that shape the public expression of this part of the Body of Christ, acting as a connection point for different ministries and initiatives,” she says.

As chair of the FWM Coordinating Committee, London serves alongside representatives of several Anglican dioceses, including the Rev. Benjamin Gillard, Toronto; Mr. Dion Lewis, Montreal; the Rev. Marnie Peterson, New Westminster; the Rt. Rev. Susan Bell, Bishop of Niagara.

She also works with several General Synod staff members, including the Rev. Dr. Eileen Scully, Director of Faith, Worship and Ministry; the Rev. Canon Dr. Scott Sharman, Animator for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations; Ms. Sheilagh McGlynn, Animator for Youth Ministries; each of whom oversees large program areas.

The FWM sphere includes several working groups that drive projects and work on initiatives related to FWM’s mandate, such as the network of healthcare chaplains and the recently approved liturgy for gender transitions. After extensive preparation, study, and testing, FWM receives the results of this work and formulates motions which then travel through the Council of General Synod to the General Synod assembly.

According to London, FWM will respond to “two important directions from General Synod this year: to engage seminaries and theological education programs in order to support the development of anti-racism curricula, and to address inclusion of traditional Indigenous spiritual practices and liturgical expressions across the Anglican Church of Canada. 

Additionally, an FWM task force will conclude over the next 18 months, “a 20-year process of revising the ordination liturgies in consultation with ecumenical partners, liturgical scholars and practitioners.” 

Other major work of FWM steering committees includes planning the leaders in the spiritual formation conference for April 2024, and the next National Worship Conference; preparing theological resources for Medical Assistance in Dying, an updated calendar of saints, contemporary language catechisms, rites for Christian Initiation, and more. 

For more on FWM’s recent work, see the 2023 Report to General Synod .