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After having our Eucharist service this past Thanksgiving Sunday, the first since March 8, members of All Saints’, Drayton Valley were treated to home made apple and pumpkin pies provided by the family of the Rev. Christopher Cook. One of Rev. Christopher's daughters, Shelby Cook (who has worked as head cook at a number of summer camps) writes:

I spent three days preparing the pies. The process was exciting and a huge production. It took me three attempts to get the right crust. Thanks to my mother Cynthia, who suggested adding vinegar that saved our pies and allowed me to create a total of 18. Each family and individual members had a choice of home made pumpkin pie made from real pumpkins (not canned) or apple pie, with apples that our People's Warden Rita provided for the endeavour.

Our family has always given back to our community for years during the Thanksgiving season. This year, we gave back to our congregation to bless our church family for being so welcoming to us in the time we have been here. I was so happy to see the reactions of our church, with one person saying, "They were stuffed full of apples and were very heavy!" People were thankful and it filled me with joy to be able to share this gift of food with my awesome church family in Drayton Valley.

Photo by Holly Cook