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"Our faith is always to be in motion rather than static, and no one goes alone on their spiritual journey; we are to travel together with others at every step.

Each month leading up to the 68th Synod in October, Canon to the Ordinary Scott Sharman will share worship and prayer with a parish by reflecting on what scripture has to tell us about our vocation as fellow members and leaders of the Church of God in the Edmonton diocese. You can watch and read the text for Scott's sermons here

"The word synod comes from two Greek terms: syn meaning together, and odos referring to a road or path. A literal translation of it could be together on the way. Variants of the term appear in numerous places in the New Testament, including the evocative story of the resurrected Jesus revealing himself to two disciples who are walking from Jerusalem to a town called Emmaus (Luke 24:13-32). As they go, they are talking about all the events of the recent days: Jesus’ arrest, trial, and crucifixion, and the rumours that are beginning to circulate that he has since been seen alive. The risen Christ then shows up and joins the two travelers on the road, asking them ‘what are you discussing with each other while you walk along?’ In other words, he joins them in their syn-odos – in walking and talking together on the way.

"These are uncertain times around us, and it seems both the world we live in and the church within it are on the brink of some even more significant challenges and change. But we know that God has long promised to make a way for God’s people, even in the wilderness and desert (Isaiah 43:16-21), and even where there are obstacles, twists, and turns (Luke 3:1-6). Let us keep attentive to see those new paths opening up before us by the Spirit, even if they call us to unfamiliar and unexpected things. And may we have the courage to always walk on the road together, each carrying our part, with as many traveling companions as we can as we go."

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