Edmonton Anglican Marriage Encounter (EAME) offers at least one Marriage Encounter weekend each year. The weekend is an enrichment experience for couples that focuses on a simple but powerful communication strategy. The Marriage Encounter Weekend is designed to equip couples with communication tools to grow and enhance their marriage. After the weekend, there is an opportunity to join the ME community which supports and connects 'encountered' couples. 

Please see the Edmonton Anglican Marriage Encounter website for up-to-date event and contact information.    

More than 3 million couples in 83 countries have experienced a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend Learn more!

Marriage Encounter
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Author Dr. Gary Chapman (The Five Love Languages) speaks on the value of Worldwide Marriage Encounter to married couples. "Communication is to a marriage what breathing is to the body. Without breath we die. Without communication a marriage dies." 

Please note: Marriage Encounter is a ministry of the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton. All denominations are welcome, as well as those without a church affiliation or religious perspective.