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Together, the former Anglican parish of St. Catherine and the former Lutheran parish of Grace now serve as the joint Anglican/Lutheran parish of Holy Trinity. This ecumenical community strives to be an inclusive, safe and welcoming worship community recognizing strength in diversity, togetherness in adversity, and that God’s grace, mercy and love are better when shared. 

617 50 Street

Edson, AB

T7E 1T8

phone (780) 723-4366
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Church Leadership

Rector: the Rev. Johnny Pooten

Service Times

Sunday services begin at 10am.
1st and 2nd Sundays of the month: St. Catherine's, 617 50 Street; 3rd and 4th Sundays: Grace, 4407 7 Avenue.

On 5th Sundays, we alternate. The schedule can be checked by calling the church or checking the doors at either building, or visiting our Facebook page.

During the summer, services are held at St. Columba followed by a potluck lunch on the final Sunday each month. (St. Columba is located on Highway 33 at McLeod Valley Cemetery).