Each year, the house next door to Anglican Parish of Christ Church, referred to as “Ascension House," is available to becomoe 'home' to as many as six young adult Christians. These people form an intentional Christian community during the school year. Together, they balance real-world responsibilities, such as working and volunteering, with an active and disciplined spiritual life. 

"My second year in this community was definitely an experience of fellowship. We all learned and matured in Christ together in so many ways, all thanks to the generosity and love of our parish family here at Christ Church. We did Bible studies and reflected on literature from Henri Nouwen, and in so doing learned to be deep and vulnerable with one another on our communal journey to God." - Matthew

"As I have completed my second year at Ascension House, I reflect on all the joys that living here has given me. I am grateful for the hospitality of Christ Church welcoming me into their church community, especially as someone who is new to Edmonton. Living here has allowed me to deepen my relationship with God, as this community has led me to study the Bible and practice prayer on a daily basis." - Anna

"I’ve had a really amazing experience this year living in Ascension House. Moving to Edmonton by myself to start a new job in a new city was scary, but at Christ Church I found a home. I’ve had the opportunity to be mentored by an incredible team of men and women who helped me grow spiritually. I’ve been shown hospitality by a church family, served a hilarious group of youth, and lived with a group of smart and caring young adults." - Miranda

To apply for the current term or to find out more information, please visit the Christ Church website or find us on Facebook.