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What your financial gift will enable us to continue to do:

COVID-19 Update: As of March 14, your financial gift will enable us to continue to pay our youth, even though our baking employment program has been put on hold as an effort to reduce the risks associated with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are striving to minimize any negative financial impact our youth would face because our program is on hold. 

Thank you more than ever for supporting us and our youth during this uncertain time!


In 2019, nearly 100 different youth accessed TYP services and programs. Most of these youth  participated in a baking employment program operated out of the commercial kitchen at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Old Strathcona. 

Each program of the Project (employment, art, restorative justice) helps meet the practical needs youth have, while also fostering organic relational connections with people throughout the diocese.

TYP has provided more than 600 paid hours to marginalised youth who otherwise were unable to work, and facilitated more than 200 hours of volunteer community service hours for youth to give back to the community.

In addition to the Diocese of Edmonton, Trinity Youth Project has received funding from the Edmonton Arts Council for our art program, Solicitor General of Alberta for our Restorative Justice Program, Holy Trinity Anglican Church for our baking employment program and the Ezra Missions Committee helping enable us in our mission to reach youth on the margins.

Your generous donation will help us realise our dreams of:

  • growing the baking employment program into a social enterprise, providing regular employment for youth;
  • continuing our outreach art sessions at the Edmonton Young Offender Centre (EYOC), Y.E.S.S Armoury Resource Centre, and the Old Strathcona Youth Society;
  • facilitating peace-making circles for victims of crime, and youth involved in the justice