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No Room in the Inn is based on the story of Mary and Joseph, forced to take refuge in a stable because there was nowhere else for them to stay. Each Christmas, churches and individuals from a number of denominations join together in this campaign to raise financial support for a housing provider that works to meet the needs of the homeless or those at risk in the Edmonton Metro Region. This year No Room in the Inn has chosen the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) – Edmonton Region. 

This three-minute video produced by the CMHA, includes interviews with people who have benefited from their services. We hope you will take the time to view the video, share it with others, and support the NRII project.
For more than fifty years, CMHA-ER has worked to provide safe and secure housing for people living with mental illness. CMHA-ER currently owns or operates seven buildings comprising 146 units that house 108 individuals and families. To provide these tenants with better and more secure access, including the ability to connect with the Edmonton Police Service, CMHA-ER needs to update building entry systems. The estimated cost is $30,000. With your support, we can provide tenants with greater safety and security in their homes. Please share the attached brochure and/or poster widely.

To donate online, visit the CMHA website at and scroll down the page.

You can also donate through your church, through the Edmonton diocese, or cheques can be made payable directly to the Canadian Mental Health Association – Edmonton Region. Enter “No Room in the Inn” in the memo line and mail it to: CMHA Edmonton #300, 10010-105 Street Edmonton, AB T5J 1C4 CMHA-ER Charitable Registration No. 118834316RR 

No Room in the Inn brochure

No Room in the Inn poster