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The Buyé Mother's Union distributed medical cards to seniors and children the week of July 12, said the Rev. Dominique Ciza, Buyé diocesan secretary, in an email message to Edmonton diocesan synod-secretary/treasurer the Rev. John Gee.

“I hope this finds you well, and that preparations for the consecration of the new bishop are going as expected. We are very busy with preparations for the installation of Archbishop Sixbert (as Primate of the Anglican Church of Burundi on August 21, 2021). We need your prayers indeed,” said Ciza. 

Although the pandemic prevented parishes from hosting in-person coffee/hospitality-hour, many were still able to raise funds to help vulnerable people in Buyé diocese access medical care. 

A $5 donation provides a full year of medical coverage (at 80%) for women, seniors and children under 18, who would otherwise not be able to afford healthcare.