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An annual fundraiser to help women and children access medical care in our companion Diocese of Buyé raised more than $4,600 in September. 

Most of the proceeds come from parish coffee-hour collections. The money is then wire transferred by the Rev. John Gee, diocesan treasurer, to Buyé diocese where it will be used to purchase $5 medical cards. With a medical card, a person’s medical expenses are covered by up to 80 per cent. Access to healthcare is otherwise out of reach for most people living in Burundi. 

Buyé diocese receives 100 per cent of the donations collected by Diocese of Edmonton parishes. There are no administrative fees. 

The “$5-5 Ways” medical card fundraiser was started in 2018 by the Rev. Rebecca Harris and the Rev. Danielle Key.

Pictures received from Fr. Canon Dominique Ciza, Buyé executive secretary, show cards being distributed to people in the parishes of St. Emmanuel, Ruyenzi and St. Stephen, Kobero in October.