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My most significant challenge (during these uncertain times of COVID-19) is being geographically distanced from my All Saints’ Church family.

But being on Graham Island, Haida Gwaii is also a gift. God is visible every day in my three-month-old granddaughter Amelia. I know babies are God’s miracle on earth. God is visible during every-day walks in the forest of towering cedars and flowering bushes along the water. There is a magnificent variety of verdant green, gentle rains and chirping birds in the rainforest.  

Being able to connect virtually with All Saints’, as well as family and friends, is my support. Being in an isolated environment has opened space to read scripture, journal and reflect on my faith journey. I am hopeful, because I know when I listen, God opens pathways and spaces to grow as a follower of Jesus. Blessings and Joy, ML (Mary-Lou Cleveland, All Saints’ Cathedral)