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Election Results

Voting for the Diocesan Executive Council took place September 29, 2017, at All Saints’ Cathedral, Edmonton. Charis St. Pierre, member of the Order of Laity, and the Ven. Alan Perry, member of the Order of Clergy, co-chairs of the Committee for Credentials and Registration of the 65th Synod of the Diocese of Edmonton, reported a total of 77 registered clergy out of a possible 139 members; and a total of 139 registered laity out of a possible 180 members.

Elections Officer Pat Barnum delivered the results of the election on September 30, 2017. They are as follows:

Battle River: clergy – Mark Vigrass, acclaimed

                    laity – Roland Teape, acclaimed

                    1 position vacant

Cold Lake:     clergy – Chelsy Bouwman, elected

                     laity – Cathy Armstrong, acclaimed; Curtis Whale, acclaimed

Edmonton West: clergy – Cheryl Boulet, acclaimed

                         laity – Trevor Leach, acclaimed

                         1 position vacant

Whitemud: clergy – Alex Meek, acclaimed

                 laity – John deHaan, acclaimed; Brian Popp, acclaimed

Yellowhead: clergy – Coleen Lynch, elected

                   laity – Lynne Reckhow, acclaimed; Rita Stagman, acclaimed

Diocesan Court: clergy – Lee Bezanson, acclaimed; Robin Walker, acclaimed

                        laity – (Law Society Member) Dwight Bliss, QC, acclaimed; Brian Popp, acclaimed

General Synod: clergy – Heather Liddell, elected; Alan Perry, elected; Tim Chesterton, 1st                                                    alternate; Rick Chapman, 2nd alternate

                        laity – Dorothy Marshall, elected; Steve Martin, elected; Clark Hardy and                                                                                     Curtis Whale, 1st and 2nd alternates (tie)

                        youth – Ben Goetze, acclaimed

Provincial Synod: clergy – Chelsy Bouwman, elected; Chris Pappas, elected; Alan Perry, elected;

Rick Chapman, 1st alternate; Tim Chesterton, 2nd alternate

                          laity – Cathy Armstrong, elected; Jane Samson, elected; Clark Hardy, 1st alternate

                          youth – Breanna Beeler, acclaimed

Synod Recorder: clergy - Cheryl Boulet, acclaimed

                          laity - Pat Barnum, acclaimed