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"Often because forgiveness is so central to our faith, we speak of it as something glib and cheap and easy, where most human beings find it costly, painful and difficult."

"Healing of memories is an issue for human beings everywhere on the planet. One of the characteristics of our age is that the unhealed wounds of the past are coming back to bite us."

"We need to be permanently sorry about what happened to indigenous people – permanently sorry. But that sorrow should be what galvanizes us to say, 'I can play my part to create a gentler, kinder, more just world.'"

These are just three of the comments made by Fr. Michael Lapsley, guest speaker for the 65th Synod of the Diocese of Edmonton.

Read the transcript of the first of two interviews conducted with Fr. Michael during synod

Watch Fr. Lapley's conversation with diocesan director of communications Margaret Glidden