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As we draw nearer to Election Day, April 16, parishes of the Edmonton diocese are among 26,000 nonprofits in Alberta who can use their collective voice to encourage people to vote and to make a difference.

As Bishop Jane said at the recent Politics of Faithfulness forum: "Voting is a holy act." We have a responsibility to speak up about the issues that matter not only to us, but to our neighbours. Here are a few resources to keep Jesus Shaped Voting fresh in our minds:

  • The Edmonton diocese's Social Justice committee encourages parishes to display this POSTER in a prominent place;
  • EndPoverty Edmonton has made a Let's Do This LIST of key questions to ask candidates when they come knocking at your door;
  • The Alberta Nonprofit (ABNN) Network has compiled a number of resources to inform our responses, including The Alberta Nonprofit Election Toolkit, a practical guide for nonprofits wishing to engage in advocacy during the 2019 provincial election.