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The Filipino Congregation of St. Matthias will be taking a break this year from Misa de Gallo. This is sad for it is a tradition borrowed from the home country of the Philippines, with a few adjustments. It normally includes a "Rooster Service" which is a daily early morning mass counting down the nine days before Christmas. Here in Edmonton, we changed the 4:00am start time and gathered in the evening in people's homes instead. We celebrated the Eucharist, sang carols, and had a massive meal.    

Due to COVID-19, we cannot continue with this tradition in the same way for this year; we are taking a break. Instead, we will participate in "Krismas de Pamilya" (Christmas with the Family).  

Starting on December 16 and for nine days, we will be meeting on Zoom for Advent Scripture readings, carols, a puppet skit for the kids, and a brief devotional. Each family will host an evening, reading/reflecting on Scriptures and leading in carols.    

We would love for you to join us! During this stressful time, reflecting upon the lessons of Christmas is very important and we would love to give you a peaceful and joyous space in this time. Pop in, try just one evening or take the nine-day challenge!    

Here's the Zoom Link. Please email the Rev. (Padi) Eric Kregel at if you need any help.