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 The Edmonton Anglican Marriage Encounter (EAME) Weekend on November 4-6 was an overwhelming success.  Hear directly from the participants:  

  • The format is brilliant and something we were not familiar with, but it was definitely needed at this stage of our marriage.
  • I found it all very useful, there’s so much value in understanding each other’s feelings.
  • I have found this weekend to be life changing, I feel blessed to have had a chance to participate.
  • The presenters were amazing; open and honest and inspiring.
  • I am not emotionally expressive. This helped me be more open and clearer with my wife.
  • I had become despondent in our marriage - so many life demands and thought my husband felt the same way.  I was surprised and genuinely blown away by his tenderness and desire for a good marriage.  Our conflicts are not over but oneness and empathy are good tools.  This is an investment in the future of your marriage and your family legacy.
  • This was a great weekend.  I enjoyed spending dedicated time with my husband.
  • This is a loving community, dedicated to marriage.
  • I feel so happy to have found this community and met all these wonderful couples who care so much for their marriages. 

Our next Worldwide Marriage Encounter is set for November 3-5, 2023. Check out our website to find out how to “Live Your Best Life in Love.”