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The Rev. Nick Trussell led a Rural Mission Day at St. Mary the Virgin, Vegreville on Saturday, April 14. Following is an article by one participant, who made a two-hour drive to be there.

The Mission Day for Rural Ministry was held at St. Mary’s in Vegreville on April 14. It was the first time I had attended a Rural Ministry Day. I had no intention of going, as my husband and I had two other engagements this weekend. But God must have been speaking in my heart and mind urging me to go.

While there, I found the presenter and other participants affirmed the missional vision held by my own parish of St. Saviour’s Mission, Wabamun. We continue to serve our community in various ways, yet realize there is more to be done. For example, our community could possibly benefit from starting a Messy Church.

It was a very open time with lots of sharing and the presenter, the Rev. Nick Trussell, guided the participants to the realization that we, as members of the church, have the opportunity to be God’s disciples today. When offered again, I would highly recommend this experience to other lay people. I was the only one in attendance. Should there be another opportunity to go to this session or others that bring rural parishes together, I think I would do my best to attend. I returned home with a reinforced and revitalized faith and vision of our church.

Wendy Wiles, Mission of St. Savour, Wabamun