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"I was inspired to see all the lay delegates who had voluntarily given up a Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon to be part of this event. They did it because they love Christ and love the Church, and that love is very obvious and encouraging to me."
The Rev. Tim Chesterton.

"I could not help but feel a deeper understanding of their roles in the Diocese, along with a feeling of great appreciation to be part of such a well-rounded and truly forward-thinking group of people." 
Ellis Jayakaran

"I can summarize my experience in three words: uplifting, enlightening, and renewing."
Sarah Doyle

These are just a few brief comments about synod from some of the people who attended from St. Margaret's Anglican Church in Edmonton. Shortly after synod, these and others put their reflections into a blog post, which they have graciously allowed us to re-publish in this attached pdf.