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A huge thank you to everyone who completed a parish member survey and/or a clergy/parish leader survey. We value your insight into the areas in which your parish is flourishing and the areas in which it is challenged. With the surveys completed, consultant Anna Bubel, assisted by Jacqui Chesterton, is now preparing for the next step of the listening process: parish engagement sessions. We hope all parishioners will attend these sessions. Whether you go to church occasionally or every Sunday, in-person or virtually, your opinion matters to us! Please ask your parish rector or leader about when your parish engagement session is scheduled.

" ...We have entered into a time of discernment in our own diocese. The Listening in Spirit process is part of our discernment as a diocese and as individual parishes. The process is tasked with giving us a solid snapshot of where we are as a diocese in many areas and helping parishes to have a greater understanding of where they are individually. We will bring this information to our Synod in October for conversation and prayer together..." Bishop Stephen London 

For more information about the Listening in Spirit | Shaping Our Future Together strategic planning process, please see Frequently Asked Questions