66th DIOCESAN SYNOD UPDATE #7 - October 2, 2019 - Convening Circular Correction

It was brought to our attention that the figures in Appendix 5: Diocesan Statistical Returns 2017-2018 were duplicated due to the Adobe Pro program merging fields of the same name. We have replaced pages 169 and 170 and have uploaded the corrected version of the Convening Circular. Sorry for the inconvenience.

66th DIOCESAN SYNOD UPDATE #6 – October 2, 2019


Just a few last-minute reminders:

Friday at the Cathedral:

Registration and light supper from 5:00 to 6:30; Eucharist at 7:00; Business meeting at 8:30.

Saturday at St. Matthias:

Coffee and muffins available at 8:00; Morning Worship at 8:30; Call to Order at 9:00.

Convening Circular:

The Convening Circular (updated October 1, 2019) is posted on the website. We encourage you to download documents onto your laptop.

There is an updated Nominations List, dated September 26, included in the Circular.

Certificate of Election:

The Certificate of Election is required for all elected delegates from parishes, already signed by your priest. Remember to get it signed before you come. A Certificate of Election is not needed for Executive Council, General Synod or Provincial Synod members or appointees.

*There is no need to bring your “Eventbrite ticket,” but please make sure to bring your Certificate of Election.


Free parking will be available at the Cathedral on Friday evening, thanks to our friends at Impark. Download the PARKING PASS for your car. These passes are valid only in Lot 284, immediately south of the Cathedral, on the east side of 103 Street. We will have extra copies at Registration in case you forget to bring a copy.

There is ample parking at St. Matthias but it is spread out. When the parking lot is full, park on the streets in the neighbourhood, but plan to arrive early in case you have to walk a bit. Please do not park in the 7-11 lot across the street from St. Matthias.

Friday Worship Service:

Worship will begin at 7:00 pm. Clergy do not need to robe – you may sit with your delegates in the congregation. Canons and Archdeacons are asked to robe and process (colour is white).


Our theme is “God’s gift to the church is YOU – belong – share – love.” We pray that this Synod will help you discover how you ARE a gift, and that everyone belongs, shares and is loved in our church.

Please address correspondence to the Synod Office at churched@edmonton.anglican.ca or to Barbara Burrows, Secretary of Synod: barbarab@edmonton.anglican.ca