This section is intended to be a resource hub in support of parishes building their digital presence. You may find the Church of England's digital discipleship portal to be a source of information and inspiration. 

Editorial Guidelines - Please use these guidelines when writing for the Diocese of Edmonton publications including The Messenger newspaper, the Synod Scene online weekly newsletter, the website and social media accounts.

Presentation Guidelines - The assets provided by the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton must not be altered and must only be used by the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton parishes and partners.

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Additional Resources:

  • CIRA’s Internet Factbook 2022 - CIRA’s Internet Factbook 2022 survey is an overview of Canada's collective online behaviour.
  • Internet Guidelines - Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Quick Help Guide

Online Giving - Even before the COVID-19 global pandemic, 45% of worldwide donors were enrolled in a monthly giving program and, according to, online giving grew by 86 per cent in 2020 "When asked what type of organizations they communicate with most online, 68 per cent of Canadians selected their banks," according to the CIRA Factbook.

  • - built for churches and ministries, the online giving platform enables your church to receive donations securely from anywhere, at any time. Take donations or event registration, support camp sign-up, and much more through your church website.
  • - with a slightly higher one-time donation transaction fee, Canadahelps also enables secure online giving and custom page set-up and event registration.

Live Streaming Tools (Tithely Overview) - Several live streaming services and virtual church community tools exist which enable your church to produce a full and engaging virtual church service through an online platform. Tithely has compiled an excellent overview of Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube, Google Chat and more.

  • Mevo Camera for Live Streaming - Our friends at the Diocese of New Westminster have done research into the option of Mevo live-streaming products for parishes with limited financial and personnel resources that would like to live stream worship and events through their social media network and on their parish website.