The 12 modules in the Lay Evangelist training program will cover such topics as:

  • The Story of God's Love
  • Surprise the World (a rule of life for missional Christians)
  • Sharing your faith with others in the context of genuine caring relationships.
  • Helping a person become a follower of Jesus.
  • Understanding changes in our culture and their implications for Christian witness.
  • Engaging our neighbourhoods with practical outreach projects.
  • Addressing big questions and common objections to the Christian faith.
  • Evangelistic preaching and testimony
  • Running effective inquirers’ courses (eg. Alpha, Emmaus, Pilgrim, Christian Basics).
  • Equipping people in our parishes to be witnesses

There will also be some ‘homework’ to complete between the modules, most of it taking the form of practical outreach experience in the candidates’ own parishes.