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Members of St. Saviour’s, Vermilion carefully packed 56 Operation Christmas boxes on November 12. These gifts were blessed by the Rev. Elizabeth Metcalfe, who prayed for the people who prepared them and for the children who will receive them. The boxes will soon begin their long journey to children around the world.

Ethan, Alyx and Chelsey placed a special beaded gift in each box. The beaded gifts were made by Christopher, who was known for his kind, gentle spirit and who loved making and sharing his gifts with everyone he met. Sadly, Christopher was called to be with God, but we continue to celebrate and be inspired by him.

St. Saviour's in Action! Upcoming events: 

·        Christmas Tea and Bake Sale

·        Holiday Photo Shoot

·        Baptism

·        Getting to Know You Saturday and ID Framework Kick-off

·        Posada – Celebrating Mary and Joseph’s Journey

Submitted by Jo-Ann Mones