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Happy Season after the Epiphany!  

We are less than a month away from Ash Wednesday and the start of the season of Lent. As some of you may know my main gig right now, in addition to parenting and being an honorary assistant at St. Margaret's, Edmonton, is working on a PhD in the area of children’s faith formation.

Along the way, I have come across several helpful resources for cultivating and encouraging discipleship in the home. Periodically, I will write about books, materials and/or practices you are invited to use in your parishes or homes.

First up is a lovely book titled, Twas the Season of Lent, by a wonderful children’s author I have had the pleasure of coming across, Glenys Nellist. 

I had an opportunity to ask her two questions about her new book.  Here are my questions (Rev. S) and her answers (GN):

Rev S: What is important for you when writing a faith-based book for children and how does your new book on Lent do that?

GN: It's really important for me, when writing a faith-based children's book, to leave room for wonder, a sacred space, or a quiet pause where the Holy Spirit can work within the child as they hear or read the words. In Twas the Season of Lent, I hope I've achieved this by inviting the reader to wonder, not only about the mission, the message and the ministry of Jesus, but mainly the mystery of Jesus... that our Good Shepherd would choose to lay down his own life for his sheep. Why would he be willing to do that, were it not for his great love for us?

Rev S: What do you love most about the new book?

GN: What I love most about Twas the Season of Lent is the way it encourages the reader to join Jesus in his mission to the least, the lost and the lonely. For me, Lent is far more than giving up chocolate or praying more... it's a real opportunity to live like Jesus! I hope this new book encourages us to do that.

Until the next installment, God’s grace and peace be with you, the Rev. Sarah Holmstrom

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