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Since the beginning of December, All Saints’ Cathedral has been receiving knitted, crocheted, and woven squares, all in white or off-white, as part of a diocesan Pandemic Craft Project.  

The idea for the project came from Alison Hurlburt, who is a parishioner of Christ Church and licensed Lay Evangelist in the Diocese of Edmonton. As of the end of January, she has taken in more than two dozen squares, the handiwork of people from all around the diocese.  

“Please pass along my heartfelt thanks to everyone who sent one in,” she writes.

“So many different materials and approaches, but all beautiful! The care and time that went into each piece is so touching. I will be a good steward of the squares and treat them with care. Once I've gathered them all into a shared piece, I will send a finished photo so that everyone can see where their work ended up. And of course, the original will be brought to the Cathedral.”  

Watch for updates on the project in the Synod Scene and The Messenger.