Do you or a family member need to be in the hospital? Anglican pastoral support is available. Notify your rector about the hospitalization and make sure to identify yourself or your family member as Anglican during the admission process.

A roster of clergy chaplains and trained hospital visitors make regular visits to Edmonton and area hospitals and continuing care facilities. Rectors of parishes outside the Edmonton area are encouraged to notify the coordinating hospital chaplain about a parishioner who is receiving medical treatment in Edmonton. 

For more information about becoming a hospital visitor, please contact Diocese of Edmonton Coordinator of Hospital Visitors the Rev. Regula Brandle / 780-484-0334

See below for a list of diocesan contacts, either clergy or parish, for Edmonton area care facilities.

Allen Gray Continuing Care
5005 - 28 Avenue Edmonton, AB T6L 7G1
Phone: (780) 469-2371
Contact: The Rev. Kevin Kraglund
Phone: (780) 463-5452

Cross Cancer Institute
1560 University Avenue Edmonton, AB T6G 1Z2
Phone: (780) 432-8771
Contact: The Rev. Regula Brandle
Phone: 780-484-0334

Edmonton General Hospital Site
11111 - Jasper Avenue Edmonton, AB T5K 0L4
Phone: (780) 482-8111
Contact: All Saints' Cathedral
Phone: (780) 428-6323

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital
10230 - 111 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5G 0B7
Phone: (780) 471-2262
Contact: The Rev. Regula Brandle 
Phone: 780-484-0334

Grey Nuns Hospital
3015 - 62 Street Edmonton, AB T6L 5X8
Phone: (780) 450-7029
Contact: The Rev. Kevin Kraglund
Phone: (780) 463-5452

Kipnes Centre for Veterans
4470 McCrae Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5E 6M8
Phone: (780) 442-5700
Contact: Good Shepherd Anglican Church
Phone: (780) 456-4643

Misericordia Hospital
16940 - 87 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5R 4H5
Phone: (780) 930-5611
Contact: St. Matthias Anglican Church
Phone: (780) 487-0324
St. Timothy Anglican Church
Phone: (780) 483-5506

Norwood Angus McGugan Pavilion
10411 - 111 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5G 0B8
Phone: (780) 496-3200
Contact: The Rev. Arthur Dyck
Phone: (780) 477-5931 (St. Faith Anglican Church office)

Royal Alexandra Hospital
10240 Kingsway Avenue Edmonton, AB T5H 3V9
Phone: (780) 735-4111
Contact: The Rev. Regula Brandle
Phone: 780-484-0334

University Hospital
8440 - 112 Street Edmonton, AB T6G 2B7
Phone: (780) 407-8822
Contact: The Rev. Regula Brandle
Phone: 780-484-0334

Sturgeon Hospital
201 Boudreau Road St. Albert, AB T8N 2Y2
Phone: (780) 460-6200
The Ven. Lee Bezanson
Phone: (780) 458-5488